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Dear Josh,

Yesterday, I received my first “post op” checkup with Dr. Casscells and I feel it necessary to write this note.

Both your receptionist, Moses, and your nurse, Eileen, made me feel “right at home” on my initial visit to your office to schedule my operation.

While Dr. Casscells helped to put me at ease by explaining the procedure and showing me “the hardware” that would be replacing my left knee, I still had some trepidation before the operation.

After the procedure, to my complete amazement, I experienced little or no pain; I did not feel it necessary to utilize the “1-10 button.” It was only with the advice of the nurse and rehab that I “popped” a couple of Percocets before the rehab sessions.

Upon returning home, any questions that I telephoned to your office were promptly and intelligently answered by Eileen.

Now that I am up walking with a cane, I want to again thank Dr. Casscells and his staff for their kind and complete professionalism!


Richard Mendelsohn