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When my mother was experiencing foot pain, her nursing home had her feet x-rayed. These x-rays showed many small fractures and we promptly scheduled an appointment with Dr Casscells.

He immediately recognized the osteoporosis condition (chalkousis) as one being the result of circulatory problems compounded with diabetes and old age. I know a Doctor’s hours are usually rushed, but we felt like he was there to see mom and spend as much time with her as she needed. He was very personable and sat with my mother and myself for probably 15 minutes and discussed various options. He explained the condition to mom and although it was not exactly “curable” he made several rehab suggestions that we implemented at the nursing home (mostly massage therapy to increase blood flow) that I believe helped.

Dr Casscell’s "bedside manner" was extremely comforting and for anyone that has had to take care of an elderly parent, you will know what a relief it is to visit a Doctor like this.

Thank you

Roger Poole